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Всем доброго времени... :flag:



.. Жизни и Здоровья!



Akulych написал(а):

Всем доброго времени...

Привет  :jumping:



Специалисты NASA о компьютерных играх про космос:

Про Элиту там тоже есть.



Шикарная подборка фан-арта для корабликов, созданных скучающим пилотом Qohen Leth. 118 работ. Например:


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мне такие более по душе :-)


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Визуализация красочных ожиданий шахтёров на тему о подрыве астероидов в 3.3


Интересно, со строны так и будет видно, или всё-таки ....



Вот как выглядят настоящие таргоиды!





уверен, они добрые, ранимые  и мягкие внутри ... и метасплавы,  органические космо-яблочки, жуют.

ЗЫ: больная популиско-попсовая псевдофантастика, замешаная на спецэффектиках и страстях человеческой психики , не способна представить по другому Разум, сильнее человеческого, который покоряет космос. Всюду мерещатся злобные тараканы с хаотично-агрессивным мышлением. Такие в космос не выходят, они жрут себя на своих планетах и загибаются в междоусобных войнах.

вот такая вот игруля.

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... из разговора о таргоидах не с точки зрения попсовой пиу-пиу :

11:59] PepelatziGravetzappa[ICU]: :-((изменено)

[11:59] PepelatziGravetzappa[ICU]: sick populista-pop pseudo fantasy mixed with the special effects and the passions of the human psyche , not able to imagine another Mind, stronger than the human who conquers the space. Everywhere haunted by evil cockroaches from the chaotic-aggressive thinking. These do not go into space, they eat themselves on their planets and are self destructive in internecine wars.

[12:21] Tamara Bunke: I think the Thargoids were intended as being some sort of a biological weapon created by the Guardians so it would honestly be a bit strange if they turned out to be some buttery smooth star children with halos

[12:23] Tamara Bunke: the thing is that cockroaches for example probably do not think of their kin as being particularly ugly

[12:25] Tamara Bunke: I think people for example look a bit like they are a dozen bones short and as if it's a bunch of some kind of gelatinous life sustaining gooey thingamajics suspended in an incredibly thin, membraneous sac that you can see through

[12:27] Tamara Bunke: Although come to think of it, looking at what people are capable of it would not be overly surprising to find out that a species on an interstellar genocide turn out to look like baby larvae

[12:35] PepelatziGravetzappa[ICU]: a weapon that's out of obedience and control?

[12:36] PepelatziGravetzappa[ICU]: then Yes.

[12:39] PepelatziGravetzappa[ICU]: so it's not Space Mind, it's just artificial intelligence. like a cancer that needs to be defeated. no point in looking for contact with him

[12:47] Lee Taylor: I think Thargoids are their ships. I don't see any reason to suppose they need to be piloted by a creature anything like us.

[12:59] Tamara Bunke: I think where people see cockroaches, cancer and monsters.. what I see is a species characterized by a distinctive phenotype formed from arching, tree-like, bony structures with thin, thin veins intertwined on the soft side, that evolved on a relatively cool, ammonia world in the steady warmth of a red dwarf, with the most common biology based around carbon and ammonia

[13:00] Tamara Bunke: a quite arid world, not a paradise world like Earth, but life evolved anyway and instead of sweating the "Thargoids" excrete a thin oily film across their exoskeleton which they clean periodically by rubbing themselves against sand like cats on Earth

[13:01] Tamara Bunke: because the star wasnt very bright their idea of an optical spectrum basically goes from the human idea of red to near infrared and infrared

[13:02] Tamara Bunke: and that's why they also have a keen sense of smell and hearing, because plant based life turned out to not be very nutritious so their main source of sustenance was scavenging and hunting other life, however big or small(изменено)

[13:04] Tamara Bunke: with a heart rate of around 30-40 beats per minute with two redundant chambers in case of physical injury, gaining inspiration from fibonacci spirals for a kind of a hexadecimal system which became more important later when the time came to leave the house and they realized they could never send a supercomputer into space at the time because the heat from electronics was unmanageable in those quantities without outrageous cooling systems to protect the crew

[13:05] Tamara Bunke: so what happens next is that instead of building their vessels, they grow them just like any other replacement limbs because their neurology and biology is fundamentally adaptive and almost parasitic which is also the basis of the slow digestion process

[13:05] Tamara Bunke: overlaid fibonacci spirals to provide a structure that is easy to grow... being naturally symbiotic with their own ecosystem in a way they would then essentially travel in a grown pocket of their homeworld that becomes a literal part of their body while piloting it(изменено)

[13:06] Tamara Bunke: which might sound like a strange concept but did you know that if you accidentally forgot your stomach somewhere, it would prevent your brains from functioning as intended? things like serotonin production in particular and the whole nervous system depends on the stomach

[13:07] Tamara Bunke: it's a shame the game apparently pushes the biological weapon narrative the last time I heard, because they are far more beautiful than you, measuring each others' beauty through the mathematical ratios of different bones whose length used to largely dictate survival in childbirth, which is a process akin to parthenogenesis

[13:09] Tamara Bunke: I just came up with all that stuff by the way, it's not a part of the game's lore.... but I think it would be a better story about the others

[13:29] Tamara Bunke: I think it would make sense if the Thargoids in the short piece I just wrote had two extremely long arms under the ones that are used for manipulating food, which are used to assist in moving around caves(and later starships) and which are more like giant claws as they have no fingers on those(изменено)

[13:30] Red Zephyr: I always thought of Thargoids as the ships too, but also like Jellyfish in that they might be a collection of organisms living symbiotically

[13:30] Red Zephyr: not just a ship, but a ship with its own complex micro and macro biome

[13:31] Tamara Bunke: It doesn't really matter to me what they actually turn out to be in-game because it's just boring that "here be spooky stuff, also inscrutable. also weapons!"

[13:32] Tamara Bunke: yeah in the short piece I wrote and which I was spinning around in my head it would have been that the ships are basically a portable chunk of their homeworld

[13:34] Tamara Bunke: and merging with it in some kind of a node that connects their nervous system to the ship or otherwise communicates with, if not by force then perhaps symbiotically, making the ship and the pilot both friends, family and mutually dependent for survival

[13:36] Tamara Bunke: it's very easy to relate to the Thargoids and it's another part of the game that irritates me

[15:29] PepelatziGravetzappa[ICU]: This is a super story! Thank you!



Гифка на тему «Если вы забыли купить дронов»

https://gfycat.com/ru/InsistentSpecific … lmsquirrel




Давно ли вам не отрубали HUD? Или приходилось садиться без стекла на грунт?
Экстрим без голографии




бхахаха, я только сегодня стримил полёты без приборов и навигации, летал и исследовал, всё находил на глазок и по звукам.

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Так и хочется сказать:
«Ззззззззззззваааааааау! Сшшшшшшшшшшшфффффф! Делаю запрс на посадку! Эй, капитан Корвет Му-227, выпустите шасси! Взззжжжжж! Плюх!»



Зы: некоторым мальчикам нравятся маленькие игрушки  :D ;)



под станцию сойдёт старый почтовый ящик , а парочка футбольных, теннисный и резиновый - посадочный, астероид и газовый гигант :-)



«Полное присутствие» плюс сила гравитации как бонус для авиасимуляторов и, возможно, Элитоводов, на борту «судна» со спецприводом вращения на 720 градусов.

Интересно, если совместить вращение + виртреальность .... долго ли привыкать придётся к ощущениям  :D  :x



бедный телевизор, представляю как ему тяжело и что приходиться переживать, когда его бросают в разные стороны :-))))



Катер с чифтейном над Лос-Анжелесом





Забавный клип с аниме-озвучкой про Элиту:




Народ нашёл несомненное сходство одного из строений внутри обитаемых колец орбитальных станций со зданием, где ранее располагались офисы FDev.

Brahe Gateway в CD-34 9019

Patrick Depot

Фото здания с Гугл-карты

Видео полета на сайдике внутри обитаемого кольца




что там у нас в кабинке под ручками?



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Инструкция по созданию мини-Крайта и других для 3д принтера




Кто-то ждал, ждал, и дождался! Этого:

Трейлер к Half Life : Alyx



А ничего что она для vr?