Межзвёздный Коммунистический Союз [МКС] / Interstellar Communist Union [ICU]

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Обновление 1.3.06

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Client change log:

- Prevent crash if we lose network connection while dying
- When a client requests contact with an as-yet-unseen different client, don't crash
- OSX: Fix crash in stellar forge
- OSX: Fix crash in supercruise
- OSX: Fix crash loading nebula textures
- Fix monotonic timer crash
- Fix crash in control bindings activity
- OSX: Fix input memory leaks
- Crash fix for a rarely reported issue ship being docked to a station that is not in a state to provide interfaces
- Fix prospector drone crash
- Promote people when they complete a rank up mission
- Fixes for malformed mission text strings, including minor faction symbols missing hashes
- Tweaks and cleaning up of salvage and smuggle delivery missions
- Fix having 0 shields after an ungraceful exit
- Fix to enable all wake scanners to work in super cruise
- Don't allow ships to score the last hit (or kill-assist) on themselves
- Fixed status labels/icons in expansion and control screens not matching what's going on in the graph
- Add skill for major factions in modify reputation detail
- Added language check when reading the cached powers list
- Fix faction consequence generators for donation missions
- OSX: Fix for pitch/yaw 'jolt' when using mouse input and launching, or returning to flight from another game state
- OSX: Fix for the mouse cursor remaining visible when it should not after OSX 'auto-shows' the dock
- OSX: Fixes for issues with the Apple Magic mouse and MacBook trackpad "scroll wheel"
- Reduced the stalk base alpha, and the radius from the cursor upto which they are drawn.
- reduced the dot, system label and region label sizes. The screen was feeling a bit too cluttered.
- Various text fixes

Server change log:

- The popular SideWinder now has a reduced tech level required to produce it, so fewer shipyards should be left empty across the galaxy
- Activated Powerplay effects to make the appropriate Commodities legal or illegal in markets controlled or exploited by Powers. The System - Authorities have been informed about these changes to their prohibited lists.
- Various reliability improvements for exploration scanning and station services

Balance change log:

- The number of votes assigned to players has been increased
- Requirements for fortify and undermine have been increased by 5 times – this is to encourage more tactical play and we believe this will need increasing further but will review on the next cycle.



- Fix faction consequence generators for donation missions

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А когда это будет?

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